7 Cities in California Have Adopted Sick Leave Laws

Sick leave laws continue to complicate employer’s administration, especially for those with multiple businesses in different cities or states. Last July, California passed a new sick leave law. Today, there are seven (7) states that have their own sick leave law. If that’s not enough, seven (7) ciities in California have passed their own laws including San Francisco, Oakland, Emeryville, Pittsburg, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and San Diego. The laws continues to change and challenge employers. It is expected that California will continue to change this law. Remember, you must comply with both the City and State laws. This means you need to review both laws carefully and create a combined policy built on what is most favorable to the employee. Once the policy is updated, it must be distributed to all your employees, post the new law, and train your management team. We see our employers getting in trouble because their managers are often harassing their employees when they need to take time off under sick leave.

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