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What next? Interview with Purple Heart Patient Center’s CEO

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MJ Biz Daily spoke with Purple Heart Patient Center’s CEO and Founder Keith Stephenson to discuss the state of the dispensary and industry amidst Covid-19 and following looting. Read for his insights and advice to other cannabis leaders in similar situations.


Battling insurers in the aftermath of lootings: Q&A with California cannabis executive Keith Stephenson

We’re Featured! Cannabis Broker Spotlight with Jesse Parenti.

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Jesse Parenti, Director of Programs at Nine Point Strategies, has been featured in today’s Cannabis Insurance Broker Spotlight on How did Jesse get into the cannabis space? “I have family and friends that have been cottage growers for over 20 years. Protecting and having them be able to have a legal farm was very exciting to know could happen. When we saw the opportunity that was happening in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and California, we went all in.” Read the full interview.


California cannabis regulators defer business license renewal fees.

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“The fee deferral announcement that came out today is a step in the right direction. We are encouraged that industry advocacy efforts have evolved into actions that provide real relief for the essential regulated cannabis industry.” Furthermore, the CDFA report mentions that cannabis businesses can seek out state tax relief and can submit disaster relief requests to their licensing authorities.

Industry Executives Share Insights on Sales Trends as States Reopen

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Shifts in the cannabis industry during this reopening are far-reaching and intertwined. Sales trends will inform risk management- how are we protecting at-risk patients? “Brandon credits Ohio state officials’ decision to allow for telemedicine, “call-in and online dispensary orders” and curbside pickup as reasons why Ohio patients have been able to “feel safe” during the pandemic.”