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Medical cannabis producer fined $500,000.

MoonMix, a medical cannabis operator and subject of a May product recall has now been fined $541,000 by Oklahoma regulators. 3 separate batches of product contained four pesticides testing above Oklahoma’s limits, and the company operations are being put on hold.


Panel: How Cannabis Has Been Used as a Tool for Oppression.

On July 15th, Marijuana Policy Project held a series of panels titled, “Reimagining Justice: Race, Cannabis & Policing,” with cannabis business and culture leaders such as Viola Founder Al Harrington, Actor Seth Rogan, and Activist Natalie Papillion.


Indoor Cannabis & Energy: A critical look.

In order to find solutions, one must thoroughly confront the problem at hand. Cannabis cultivation has become notorious for its high energy use. But, how high is this use? And what does that mean in terms of finding urgent solutions? As this industry skyrockets, impact & sustainability questions must be confronted sooner rather than later. (Or rather, better late than

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Precautions for iMessage Marketing in the Cannabis Space.

You may have been hearing more about TCPA these days. Lawsuits are stacking up in the industry, read this article to find out how you can stay ahead.


Vaping Crisis continued, Oregon looks into banning all additives.

Last year, Oregon banned all flavored vaping products, a ban which the courts quickly overturned. Now, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission is presenting the possibility for new regulation: this time limited to THC vaping products. There has been significant pushback, some of which is outlined in this article by Oregon Public Broadcasting. Further steps are unclear, but we do expect

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Cannabis Justice is Racial Justice.

Take action for black lives here. (And don’t forget, silence = violence.) Learn more about the ongoing war on drugs with this article by the Marijuana Policy Project.