Covid-19 & Cannabis

What next? Interview with Purple Heart Patient Center’s CEO

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MJ Biz Daily spoke with Purple Heart Patient Center’s CEO and Founder Keith Stephenson to discuss the state of the dispensary and industry amidst Covid-19 and following looting. Read for his insights and advice to other cannabis leaders in similar situations.


Battling insurers in the aftermath of lootings: Q&A with California cannabis executive Keith Stephenson

Michigan employee licks pre-rolls, major recall.

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Cannabis regulators in Michigan issued a broad recall following the confirmed complaint. This employee’s less-than-appropriate decision holds even more weight amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, a highly contagious virus spread through respiratory droplets and saliva.

Michigan cannabis worker allegedly licked pre-rolls, sparking vast recall

Michigan’s social equity regulations lacking.

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More and more social equity programs are being spearheaded across the country. This push is important, and it is equally as important to assess the programs, and revise them according to their current shortfalls and blindspots. MJbizdaily’s coverage on Michigan’s program is a great example, with a bulleted list of “What can be improved” for the state and beyond. Read on for critical analysis of and informed suggestions on how to revise the program.


Michigan social equity regulations help cannabis applicants get started but lack continued support



USDA grants for hemp farmers available.

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Read to find out how these opportunities can help you scale within the legal grow space if you are a hemp business operating in compliance with the USDA. The Socially Disadvantaged Groups Grant (deadline to apply: August 10) and the Rural Cooperative Development Grant Program (deadline to apply: August 3). Both grants are for co operative farms in rural areas.

Clock ticking on two USDA grant opportunities for hemp growers

Vaping Crisis continued, Oregon looks into banning all additives.

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Last year, Oregon banned all flavored vaping products, a ban which the courts quickly overturned. Now, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission is presenting the possibility for new regulation: this time limited to THC vaping products. There has been significant pushback, some of which is outlined in this article by Oregon Public Broadcasting. Further steps are unclear, but we do expect to see this discussion continued across legal states nationwide.