Covid-19 & Cannabis


Cannabis and Coronavirus: Examining the Pre- and Post-Pandemic Regulatory Landscape

Article by Things are changing in the cannabis space as a result of this virus, from consumer trends to legalization efforts.


Medical Marijuana: Reasonable and Necessary Medical Care for Injured Workers?

"…Here in Pennsylvania, employers and workers’ compensation carriers remain in legal limbo, waiting on judicial guidance from the state’s highest courts in the face of ever increasing claims from injured workers to pay for medical marijuana. Will it be considered reasonable and necessary medical treatment under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act?" Article by Francis X. Wickersham for


Managing Supply Chain Challenges During a Crisis

Article from the Cannabis Industry Journal outlines the following 3 ways to manage your supply chain effectively. 1) Continuous management and monitoring of inventory and effective material planning. 2) Maintenance of supplier information and rankings. 3) Establishment of supplier transparency through audit rights and communication.


US House OKs cannabis banking in passing $3 trillion coronavirus bill

& The senate has “no intention to consider the bill.”


California cannabis regulators defer business license renewal fees.

“The fee deferral announcement that came out today is a step in the right direction. We are encouraged that industry advocacy efforts have evolved into actions that provide real relief for the essential regulated cannabis industry.” Furthermore, the CDFA report mentions that cannabis businesses can seek out state tax relief and can submit disaster relief requests to their licensing authorities.

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Vireo Health Generates $9 Million in revenue for Q4.

Article from NCV Newswire reports, "During fiscal year 2019 the Company completed five acquisitions which expanded its nationwide footprint to nine states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico."


Industry Executives Share Insights on Sales Trends as States Reopen

Shifts in the cannabis industry during this reopening are far-reaching and intertwined. Sales trends will inform risk management- how are we protecting at-risk patients? “Brandon credits Ohio state officials’ decision to allow for telemedicine, “call-in and online dispensary orders” and curbside pickup as reasons why Ohio patients have been able to “feel safe” during the pandemic.”


$1 billion coverage gap looms for legal cannabis

New Dawn Risk has published a report, “Understanding and Opening up the US cannabis insurance market.”–report-221687.aspx