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What next? Interview with Purple Heart Patient Center’s CEO

MJ Biz Daily spoke with Purple Heart Patient Center’s CEO and Founder Keith Stephenson to discuss the state of the dispensary and industry amidst Covid-19 and following looting. Read for his insights and advice to other cannabis leaders in similar situations.  


We’re Featured! Cannabis Broker Spotlight with Jesse Parenti.

Jesse Parenti, Director of Programs at Nine Point Strategies, has been featured in today’s Cannabis Insurance Broker Spotlight on How did Jesse get into the cannabis space? “I have family and friends that have been cottage growers for over 20 years. Protecting and having them be able to have a legal farm was very exciting to know could happen.

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Retail on the rise- predicted $37 billion by 2023

Sales figures for U.S. cannabis have increased by 40% in 2020. This article for details the retail growth, and optimistic predictions for the market in years to come.


Product Liability: How to Protect Your Business from Catastrophe

A lack of consistent industry regulations surrounding vaporizers has left cannabis businesses more vulnerable than ever. As of January 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed over 2,600 cases of vaping-related illnesses in all 50 states—including 59 fatalities. The outbreak has pushed the issue of product liability to the forefront of the cannabis industry. “In 2019, we saw a

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High-stakes retail wager: Q&A with marijuana publisher High Times chair, new CEO

"High Times is attempting to break into the retail sector through an $80 million cash and stock deal to acquire 13 operating and planned cannabis outlets from Harvest Health & Recreation – this at a time when the economy is facing a major downturn."


Sessions targets more ‘sanctuary cities’

We are here to support our clients in training and assistance! Sessions targets more ‘sanctuary cities’