Michigan employee licks pre-rolls, major recall.

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Cannabis regulators in Michigan issued a broad recall following the confirmed complaint. This employee’s less-than-appropriate decision holds even more weight amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, a highly contagious virus spread through respiratory droplets and saliva.

Michigan cannabis worker allegedly licked pre-rolls, sparking vast recall

We’re Featured! Cannabis Broker Spotlight with Jesse Parenti.

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Jesse Parenti, Director of Programs at Nine Point Strategies, has been featured in today’s Cannabis Insurance Broker Spotlight on How did Jesse get into the cannabis space? “I have family and friends that have been cottage growers for over 20 years. Protecting and having them be able to have a legal farm was very exciting to know could happen. When we saw the opportunity that was happening in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and California, we went all in.” Read the full interview.


LED mandate and its backlash among California growers.

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The Public Utilities Commission has proposed a requirement that all indoor cultivation operations use only LED lights by 2023. This allots a 3 year period for California’s 3.4 million square feet of indoor cultivation facilities to completely switch over. Cultivators have pushed back, expressing that this regulation would be excessive considering the standing environmental regulations they already must comply with. The push back is warranted, considering LED lights typically cost up to $90 more than traditional HPS lighting. The situation is still unfolding, but it’s clear there is a major sustainability issue, and any solution will require major buy in from all parties.

Proposed LED mandate could cost California’s indoor marijuana growers millions

DOJ demands documents for DEA from 3 unnamed CA corporations.

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The DOJ court filing issued a subpoena for: “unredacted cannabis license(s), unredacted cannabis license application(s), and unredacted shipping manifest(s).” They are specifically requested from six entities (that remain unnamed to the public), three of which are corporations, with information from the last two years.

Justice Department Demands Marijuana Documents From California Officials In Federal Court Filing

Michigan’s social equity regulations lacking.

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More and more social equity programs are being spearheaded across the country. This push is important, and it is equally as important to assess the programs, and revise them according to their current shortfalls and blindspots. MJbizdaily’s coverage on Michigan’s program is a great example, with a bulleted list of “What can be improved” for the state and beyond. Read on for critical analysis of and informed suggestions on how to revise the program.


Michigan social equity regulations help cannabis applicants get started but lack continued support



Indoor Cannabis & Energy: A critical look.

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In order to find solutions, one must thoroughly confront the problem at hand. Cannabis cultivation has become notorious for its high energy use. But, how high is this use? And what does that mean in terms of finding urgent solutions? As this industry skyrockets, impact & sustainability questions must be confronted sooner rather than later. (Or rather, better late than never.) Two researchers have published a report entitled, “Energy Use by the Indoor Cannabis Industry: Inconvenient Truths for Producers, Consumers, and Policymakers.” which critically analyzes the current energy situation of indoor cannabis cultivation. Read the full article on for the report’s highlights:

Report: Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Has Major Environmental Impact