Pot users no more likely to be injured on job: Study

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"Marijuana users are no more likely to suffer injuries on the job than their coworkers who abstain, according to a study published in the May issue of the medical journal Substance Use and Abuse and conducted by researchers at the University of British Columbia."

Managing Supply Chain Challenges During a Crisis

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Article from the Cannabis Industry Journal outlines the following 3 ways to manage your supply chain effectively.

1) Continuous management and monitoring of inventory and effective material planning.

2) Maintenance of supplier information and rankings.

3) Establishment of supplier transparency through audit rights and communication.

Industry Executives Share Insights on Sales Trends as States Reopen

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Shifts in the cannabis industry during this reopening are far-reaching and intertwined. Sales trends will inform risk management- how are we protecting at-risk patients? “Brandon credits Ohio state officials’ decision to allow for telemedicine, “call-in and online dispensary orders” and curbside pickup as reasons why Ohio patients have been able to “feel safe” during the pandemic.”

Nearly 80% of Illicit-Market Vape Cartridges Collected During Buy-Back Program Were Unfit for Consumption

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Interview with John Butters of Mankind Dispensary regarding the illicit-market vape cartridge buy-back program. 80% of the unregulated vapes collected were unfit for consumption: 62% failed for pesticides, 37% failed for lead, and 20% contained vitamin E acetate.

Proposition 65 – The Basics & New Law – Restaurant Specific

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Focus Groups: Restaurant Employers

Who Should Attend: Managers, Supervisors, Owners, Human Resources

Webinar – 60 minute PowerPoint

COST: Free

Proposition 65 has been around since the 80’s and in the past, pretty much one sign fit all. Not any more. There are specific posting and/or specific labels now required. They may be a specific size and in a specific language. We will go over all of this and more! Fines for not posting and not posting/labeling properly are a maximum of $2,500/day per occurrence with a one year look-back period.This webinar will be restaurant specific.

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ADAA Employee Work Accommodations

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Focus Groups: All Employers

Who Should Attend: Managers, Supervisors, Owners, Human Resources

Webinar – 60 minute PowerPoint

COST: Non-Clients $49.00, HRI Clients, GGRA, & PACE are Free (with coupon code)

A reasonable accommodation is any modification or adjustment to the application or hiring process, to the job, an employment practice, or the work environment that allows a qualified individual with a disability to perform the essential functions of the job. This webinar will provide you with the employer obligations regarding ADAA employee work accommodations.

2018 Sept 19th @ 3pm – ADAA Employee Work Accommodations

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