Kent Dispensary Insurance

Why Do I Need Kent Dispensary Insurance?

The short answer is “to protect your investment.” A fire or break-in could put you out of business for an extended time, or even permanently. How quickly could you re-open without insurance to cover a significant loss?

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“Doug, Jody and the whole team at Premier Dispensary Insurance are truly amazing. In the ever evolving and tumultuous business of medical marijuana, they are stable and rock solid. I have the utmost confidence that my business has all the adequate, and available insurance possible. I also feel like they are constantly looking out for my best interest and not just trying to sell me something that I don’t need or won’t work. They are a pleasure to work with, always responsive and their customer service is unparalleled. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”
— Kat

Benefits of Having Kent Dispensary Insurance Coverage

  • Compensation for your business losses
  • Protection from lawsuits
  • Being able to go back into business after misfortune
With our years of insurance experience, Nine Point Strategies can guide you and help you fully understand the dispensary insurance coverage options available for your business. Call today to receive a FREE QUOTE on general liability, property and product liability.

General Liability Insurance for Kent Dispensaries

A Kent dispensary is really just a retail store – albeit one with extraordinary security.  And while that is how industry insiders and cannabis consumers understand these facilities, it’s a perspective still completely foreign to the vast majority of insurance underwriters and their companies.

We occasionally hear dispensary owners say they’ve obtained general liability coverage through mainstream insurers.  But since such carriers will not knowingly offer a policy to a cannabis operation, there is only one way this can happen: their agent failed to disclose the true nature of the client’s business, leaving them with a policy of questionable value.  This is not the way we treat our insureds.

Instead, our approach is to represent only those carriers whose policies are tailored to the unique risks of the cannabis industry.  Full disclosure means the right policy with the correct coverage, so our clients are assured of having a policy that truly protects their business.

Key Coverages for Kent:

  • General liability with limits of up to $1M per occurrence, $2M aggregate
  • Stated value for cannabis stock & inventory, to include flower, edibles and concentrates
  • Cargo for short hop delivery service
  • Product liability
  • Excess policies of up to $4M

Product Liability Insurance for Kent Dispensaries

Those who manufacture, test or sell products need protection from lawsuits brought by consumers alleging they’ve been harmed by those products.

Are you liable for your products? The law assumes “strict liability” for the entire chain of distribution, from maker to processor and from test lab to retailer.  As we know, it is very easy for anyone, especially naïve users, to over-consume edibles and concentrates, which can give rise to a claim.  Examples include an individual suffering an injury or even an anxiety attack while under the influence.  Raw flower and refined products all carry the risk of poisoning from pesticides or heavy metals in nutrients or soil amendments.

Our premiums are reasonable, especially considering the alternative scenario: having to find a qualified attorney, paying their retainer and then watching the meter run.  A better way to manage product liability risk is by having a policy providing the carrier’s “duty to defend” you in the event you are sued, which essentially caps your legal fees at your annual premium.

As you can see, we take seriously the responsibility of helping our clients manage these risks so they can concentrate on growing their business rather than worrying about going to court and being found liable for their products.