Marijuana Legalization Is In The Hands Of California Voters in November

California voters will decide this November whether recreational marijuana will be legalized in the state after an initiative gathered enough support to be placed on the ballot.

Recreational marijuana use is already fully legal in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington.

While some say it will help fix a broken system, there’s a lot of concern about what the repercussions of legalizing pot will be.

Those in support say prohibition has not worked.

The initiative would allow adults aged 21 and older to possess, transport and use up to an ounce of cannabis for recreational purposes and grow up to six plants.

Businesses and governmental agencies will still have the right to enforce a drug-free workplace.

“Employees have the right to make sure their employees don’t come in intoxicated with alcohol, and they have the same right they’re not impaired by marijuana.

There will also be heavy regulation involved from the packaging of the product to advertising.

Various law enforcement agencies and health groups warn that legalization will lead to more drugged driving and allow dealers of harder drugs to infiltrate the new scene.

There is also concern the initiative doesn’t address issues with current law where teens are already finding ways around the system to get medical marijuana.

If passed, it would authorize resentencing for prior convictions and decriminalization would be effective on Jan. 1, 2017.

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